Gaegordon Cairn Terriers
Cairns are your best little pal

Enjoy your cairns looking their cairny best!


Avoid the confusion of having your cairn mistaken for a Yorkie or a coloured? Westie!! (.. pulleasssse)

For $50 – $65: maintenance Handstrip/Rolling of the coat  & nails, 
OR  an  “unmistakenly cairny” Pet Clip

Max. $70:  2 full hours of handstripping/full strip-out w/ nails, & bath (yr choice)

Post session delivery available for a nominal charge

-Gaegordon cairns enjoy their first grooming session free-

A word about handstripping:   “Your cairn’s coat will be more attractive, functional and easier to keep clean if you hand strip the dead hair instead of clipping it . To hand strip means to pull the hair out removing root and all... When you clip the coat you are cutting off the coarse, bright-colored portion and leaving the relatively colorless, silkier part. A clipped coat will mat easily and not shed soil and wet weather as well as a hard coat. .The hair shaft is still clogged with this dead portion of hair, which will need to be shed before new hair grows in.” This encourages an incorrect,  soft coat to develop. Because it is the longer, dead hairs which are pulled out, this does not hurt the dog!  A cairn’s coat should  be kept under 2.5”. This can be done by regularly “rolling”  the coat.  At 2.5” + , the coat will need to be fully stripped out, or clipped . A full strip can  done up to twice per year and is beneficial to the coat.                                                                                                -Cairn Terrier Grooming Start to Finish, CTCA 







                          Before Full Strip                                            After Full Strip         


           Compare my prices w/that of our local Ottawa grooming salon: 

                          Handstripping $50/hour, plus nails $13, plus bath $35.

Pet Clip alone $65 +tax

Remember:  Nobody grooms a cairn like a cairn breeder!





Ideal Alternative: Groom every 2  months by rolling the coat, giving  a  "permanent”  1-2” length appearance